Free Ice!

Posted in General Asshattery, War on November 12, 2010 by Gigis

Remember the macro Orca that I killed a while back?  Well I ran into him the other day and all of his Retriever pilots have upgraded to Hulks!  Know what that means?  More free ice!

The guy is doing the same thing that he did before.  He sits in an Orca approaching an anchored can.  He then tractors the jet cans full of ice to the Orca and  places them into his hanger array for his two ItyVs to cart back to the station.

While it is fun and rather profitable to steal his ice (I like to wait an hour or so to let the cans build up so that there is no waiting, just 5 or so Orcas full till I catch up) it bothers me that the ice I steal from him is hardly a dent in the isk that he makes doing this.  I’ve petitioned CCP and they said they would check it out but they obviously have not.

His macro isn’t that good and sometimes his haulers take from my cans.  That allows me to kill a hauler and then prevents him from taking half his ice to station.  Of course, because it is a macro, the pod keeps warping back to the Orca for hours.   So I’m gonna go ahead and war dec him.  I want another Orca kill >:)  Lets see if this stops his operation.

Stay tuned for war updates!

o/ Gigis


In Defense of Ore

Posted in General Asshattery on November 10, 2010 by Gigis

Some pilots do stupid things for just a tiny bit of ore.  CheckisT1980, for example, is a 1+ year old character.  He was caught can mining in Riavayed in a Retriever.  When my heroic Rifter flipped his can he aligned and warped to the station.

This is often great news.  I watched his Retriever (named something in Russian) dissapear.  A session timer later a Russian named Abaddon exited the station.  Excellent!

The Abaddon warped into the can at 0 and took from it.  Time for the Abaddon to die.  After I killed his 2 flights of Hobgoblin Is and him failing to track me with his tachyons, he thought it best to log off. 

So I thought it best to warp in my Orca and switch to the Cane.  In short order the Abaddon was reduced to scraps and the world was again as it should be. 

Not a bad session for the 30 session before I have to run off to school. 

o/ Gigis

Heimatar Pt. 2

Posted in General Asshattery on November 7, 2010 by Gigis

Heimatar has brought more adventure!  This one involves delicious tears and a rage quit!  My mother would be so proud!

This post is brought to us by Glorystrike.  Mr. Glorystrike and his Tempest were scanned down near the end of a productive night.  I entered his mission and was quickly yellow boxed.  I had recently refit my Vigil into warp disrupting 150mm toating Battlevigil and I was excited not to have to warp out.  I stole some loot and was quickly being missed by his guns.

I put my point on him and quickly setteled into a tight orbit around him and shot him and his Ogre Is as they peaked out.  It became clear relitively early that my 2 guns did not have the DPS to break his tank (I forgot about my drone which may have made a difference.) So I initiated warp with the Orca.

As the Orca landed I noticed that it was 45k away from the fighting..  not good. I hit approach on the Pest anyway.  You never know how it will work out.. I switched back to my main and saw that he was moving closer to the unaggroed spawn.

This worried me slightly as I didn’t know how many of them I would be able to handle. My fears were for nothing as I saw his damage begin to increase and nothing on me.  But wait! I also have an Orca in the room to share the aggro!

I switched back to the Orca pilot and was relieved as I saw nothing locking me.  But wait!  The Orca pilot has just been yellowboxed by the Pest!  And here comes CONCORD to help me with my DPS problem!  Boom went the Tempest!  As I looked through the wreck my delight turned to horror.  Hull rep, armor rep, shield hardeners!  What a piece of junk!  What I did not gain in loot, however, I gained in tears.

First an Evemail:

thanks for ruining the game for me.

From: Glorystrike

Sent: 2010.11.07 03:59

To: Gigis Nooj,
asshole. Just trying to play game and have fun. I don’t play much and obviously don’t have skills to deal with a prick like you. I don’t even know how to find someonetthat’s having an NPC encounter

Now local:

Gigis Nooj > lol

Glorystrike > asshole = Gigis Nooj

Glorystrike > (hey, my first time swearing in this mmo

Glorystrike > I’ve just started playing from the last time someone found me minding my own business on an NPC encounter.

Gigis Nooj > now now

Glorystrike > found me and ganked me then too.  thanks for letting me know I should quite (I”M solo player whom likes kicking back and relaxing.  )

Gigis Nooj > no need for those mean words

Tah’ris Khlador > Were you in low sec?

Glorystrike > No, not your fault I don’t know how to play, yada yada. have fun

Glorystrike > no, +2.0 (*he is referring to his own Sec status)

Glorystrike > why do you ask?

Tah’ris Khlador > How’d he gank you?

Gigis Nooj > i was in a vigil and i pwn

Glorystrike > does it mater?  I”M SUre it’s by the ‘rules’, what ever they might be.

Tah’ris Khlador > lol

Tah’ris Khlador > I recommend you find a corp with people who can help you then

Tah’ris Khlador > so that you don’t get stuck getting ganked when you’re just trying ot mission run

Gigis Nooj > you would never have died if you hadnt shot my alt

Gigis Nooj > and got concordokin

Tah’ris Khlador > lol yeah that might do it

Glorystrike > yep, just what I don’t have time for.  Very casual gamer and this is the 2nd time it’s happened.

Gigis Nooj > well if you didnt learn after the first time i got no new advice

Tah’ris Khlador > Er….MMO’s don’t make the best “casual” games

Glorystrike > I have no idea what you mean when you say ‘concordokin’

Tah’ris Khlador > he means you were free to fire upon by concord

Tah’ris Khlador > Concord wouldn’t shoot him for shooting back

Gigis Nooj > i paid them

Tah’ris Khlador > You paid them? lol

Natassha Bork > what? you find a doughnut spawn?

Tah’ris Khlador > haha

Glorystrike > well, in the end, I’m out 90mil, and the last time it happened, I had ‘just’ enough saved to recover.  I thank you for your explinations.  Have fun playing the game and whack’n noobs in a secure sector (not sure what that means in this case).

Glorystrike > It’s just a game after all.  I’ll find fun elsewhere.


o/ Gigis

Heimatar Pt. 1

Posted in General Asshattery on November 7, 2010 by Gigis

Metropolis got old pretty fast so I have moved on to Heimatar. Heimatar has been fun so far but there haven’t been many good fights.  Just baiters (I still manage to come out ahead) and complete noobs.

This trap, for example, cost me my Rifter when the bait Osprey sucked my cap dry in one cycle and pulled me away from the location where my Orca was warping.  By the time I realized what was happening it was too late.  Once in my pod I approached the Orca and hopped into my Cane, the Osprey realized what the Orca was for and bolted.  His friend in a Drake, however, has just showed up to the belt.  I hit my AB and approached him hoping that he would engage and I wasn’t dissapointed.  I got a point and began firing.

It was then that I thought that there might be a bigger trap in the works.  I also realized that I was hitting a Drake with Barrage.  I gave the order to switch over to EMP and told the Orca to approach the Drake.  If his friend came back in something bigger I wanted to be able to switch to a ceptor and bail.  Much to my surprise, however, right as I shot my first round of EMP the Drake exploded.  Then the wreck turned blue.  Then I noticed CONCORD in the belt.  In collecting the loot I saw the cause of his premature demise.. A small smartbomb.  It seems as if my Orca got too close :smug:

His friend never returned.

Another highlight was being able to remove this failfit Manticore from New Eden. Why he would bring it back to his mission against a frig (or so he thought) with seige launchers is beyond me. And the prototype cloak?! Yuck!

In addition to those showcased. Here are some more lovely kills.  This Hurricane got caught going back to his mission and later this trap Exequor stood by gloating after he killed my Rifter (Orca wasn’t aligned AND didn’t have SMA available to fleet members AND I had stuff in my cargo… noob…) and I had time to get into the Cane and pop him. He was really cool about it though and some civil evemails resulted.

More to follow!

o/ Gigis

Metropolis Pt.1

Posted in General Asshattery, Uncategorized on November 2, 2010 by Gigis

I began my quest in North West (according to Dotlan) Metropolis and have been pretty happy with the results so far.

I jumped into Inder and was immediately suspicious of missions due to the sheer mass of cargo containers on directional scan.  As I began scanning out belts, I smiled a but inside as I realized that these players were just dumb.  I found a belt with 3 named cans, warped to the belt and bookmarked the can.

As I aligned out to another belt I set the Retriever’s corp red to be able to keep an eye on local.  As I warped back to zero on the cans I was happy to see that there was 3 others in local and that all were relatively new to the game except one.  He was 10 months old. This, my friends, is usually a good sign that he will try to show off to the new players and I will e able to make him look foolish.

As I entered the belt I jettisoned a round of barrage and flipped an entire can of Azure Plag.  The other two cans were also filled to the brim and I knew that I would be leaving with an Orca full of ore.  I switched screens and warped the Orca to the nearest planet and set it to align to the belt I was in for quick warping.  I came back just in time to see a yellow box become a red box.

I took my time killing him and his drones as I wanted to get some aggro from his corp mates as well.  But as I finished with his drones and shields with just my guns, no one had shown up yet so I turned him into a wreck.  As I began looting his wreck a Hyperion warped into the belt.  Score.  I approached him while maintaining transversal and pointed him as he redboxed me.  Out came 2 T1 sentry drones which were killed and he continued to miss me with his 425mm Rails.  I warped the Orca in and swapped to my cane and turned his shiny Hype into a bag of loot.  He immediately logged off.

In the same system the story relived itself once more this time with a Badger attempting to reclaim his stolen ore, and a Drake who wanted to make me pay.  The Drake, actually gave me a run for my money as he fit for the occasion with a full rack of light missiles that had me spamming warp with my Orca.  But I was able to switch in time and the Drake was no more.

In a different system I killed a Cyclone who followed me 200k above the belt as I killed his drones and then followed me as I warped back to the belt at zero into the loving arms of my sweet Orca.  He logged after I killed him but left a bit of wisdom in local >I should have left it… True true.

There was also this Covetor but it didn’t escalate at all.

Tonight I will be passing through some more of the Metropolis and hope to be as lucky.  I’ll tell you about it tomorrow! (or the next day)

o/ Gigis

Packing Lightly

Posted in General Asshattery on November 1, 2010 by Gigis

I have decided to roam highsec.

I will be packing some essential ships into the Orca which will follow behind my main as I move through systems and scan belts in a search for cargo containers to flip. 

Why have I decided to take up the life of a wandering asshat? Well, I believe that many of the bears around the popular mission hubs have evolved.  With their increased exposure to mean people, they have either had to smarten up and stop shooting, or move to where they won’t be bothered. 

It is the latter group that I am interested in.  Small mining corps in backwater systems thinking that their T1 fit drake or hyperion will scare me off or alpha me have not have the need to smarten up.  I will educate them and all of New Eden will be better for it.

My one problem is that I will need to pack rather lightly.  I scan and flip in belts with my Rifter while I keep a Cane, Vigil, Cheetah, and Ranis in my Orca.  I keep spare fitings in the corp hangers and at the next trade hub I will throw in a few more packaged Rifters.  I have room for a cruiser (which was for a shield RR Osprey around mission hubs) which I thought I might throw a Loki but I don’t own one yet and I don’t have the slightest clue about fitting one.

So has anyone out there done such a thing?  Should I switch the Cane out for a command ship for a broader range of targets? Or even to be able to engage more targets?

Either way I look forward to my new adventure and sharing it with you!

o/ Gigis

My First Successful Mission Gank

Posted in Gank on October 27, 2010 by Gigis

Since I became a jerk, my attempts to ruin player’s days have been hit or miss.  I have attempted quite a few times to get aggro in missions and get back in time to kill the mission runner but those attempts have been to no avail.  The only success I have really had so far has been can baiting and can flipping.  While I have enjoyed working the belts of New Eden, there has always been a mission ship sized hole in my heart.  That hole has finally been filled.

After a few attempts at getting a pair of drakes to agress, I scanned down a Maelstorm, Mega, Catalyst at the same spot.  I quickly hopped into my Vigil and warped in.  After jumping through 2 gates, (one was 70k the other 50k) I finally found our fair friends running their mission and salvaging wrecks in the process.  The Catalyst and Maelstorm were in the same corp and their tag was on all the wrecks.  I decided to ignore the Mega and began salvaging and looting wrecks as well as run a ship scanner on the Maelstorm.

Hot damn,  someone has too much iskies.  Nearly fully faction fit with a deadspace XL booster.  As I got excited about the potential loot, I became puzzled at the red box around the Maelstrom.  Wait..  Red…  That means…..     I quickly warped back to my Orca and swapped out for the Cane and make the excruciatingly long journey 70k and then about 35k of the next one till the Maelstrom went off directional scan.  Oh well,  I had expected such.  I took the gate into the next room to see his corp mate in the Catalyst happily looting and salvaging wrecks and waited till I had about 7 minutes left on my timer and shot a wreck.  14 more minutes…

A little later the pilot left local and I ran to the next system to see if I could catch him on a gate.  I chose wrong and slowboated back to the gate and jumped back into the system.  As I jumped back into the system I had only about 2 minutes left on my timer.  As I lemented “the one that got away” I scrolled down to see the Maelstrom’s bright and flashy face in local.  I immediately warped to the mission and saw him show up on scan.  As I warped to zero on the entry gate he was not on overview but still on directional.  I began spamming the acceleration gate like a mad man, overheated my point, and hoped that he wouldn’t be out of range.

I landed 18k fired up my point and afterburner and began giggling like a child.  Drones came out of the maelstrom and they were quickly webbed and killed by my drones.  My armor cane quickly lost shields and half armor on approach to his 1200s but I soon settled in a tight orbit and without any drones or guns that could track me it was game over.  He tanked well until my two neuts sucked him dry and he quickly melted.

I knew that there would be some good loot in the drop as I had scanned the ship earlier, but I seem to have gotten lucky and nearly all of the shinys dropped.  1.4b total.  No words were exchanged in local as I scooped the loot and dumped it in my Orca.  I hope I will get threats of a war dec soon though.

o/ Gigis