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Titan Bridge Fail -video-

Posted in Uncategorized on December 6, 2010 by Gigis

I am lead to believe from the comments on the youtube page that this was BLAST attempting to execute a Titan bridge…  It didn’t go as planned…


o/ Gigis


No More Learning!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 28, 2010 by Gigis

I was very pleased this week to see the dev blog on the removal of learning skills.  Let me be the (n)th to say “SQUEEEEE!!!”  I think that this is great news for everyone.

New players can now get into the game and train skills that are satisfying and rewarding to train.  This leads to more new pilots staying in the game and that is great for everyone.

I have always hated that friends that I invited to the game had to put up with complete unfunness for so long.  This change will remove pointless complexity and retain meaningful complexity while not penalizing those who have trained the skills.  In fact, I’m super excited to plan what I will spend my 1.9m sp on my main and 2m on my alt.  Perhaps another cruiser V for the main and turn my alt into a Scimi pilot..

In other news in 11 days my alt will be able to plug in a skirmish mindlink!  It will do wonders for my mission busting as my overheated Republic Fleet Warp Disrupter will be boosted by the Orca.  There have been some MRs that wait till I am just outside of point range and then warp..  They won’t be expecting a 40k+ point!  Woot!

o/ Gigis

The Age of the Courier Scam

Posted in Uncategorized on November 16, 2010 by Gigis

Courier contract scamming is nothing new in New Eden.  For years pilots have been using courier missions to undockable (unless you have standings) stations.  Some make the destination a lowsec system and others (who are smarter, I believe) make the destination a highsec system surrounded by lowsec.  There is also the always popular suicide gank of a smaller ship in hopes of collecting collateral.  As generally happens in New Eden, however, the smart scammers are evolving.

Ever since news broke of Hax Zoidberg’s amazing windfall of 60 billion in minerals from 4 contracts asking 1 billion collateral each it would seem that everyone, including myself, is paying more attention to courier contracts.  Many are jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of striking it rich, and there are those conspiring against us!  Such is Eve.

So I thought I would share with you the new (at least to me) ways that some intrepid pilots are trying to take advantage of those trying to profit from the mistakes of others.  (I, of course, think that all these mind games are wonderful!)

First, are those who are creating very high volume (960,000m3) contracts for relitively low collateral (50 to a couple hundred mil) and a lowish payout (a couple mil).  Often times they say things in the description like “minerals to the corp hanger and CNRs to director hanger” or “Nightmare and Tengu.”  I have not accepted and of these contracts but I am sure they appeal to those who are looking to break the contract.  If the contents match the description failing the contract is made of win.  However, I’m sure that they are worthless and the 960,000m3 volume means that you need a level V Charon pilot to be able to move the cargo anyway.  Examination of the contract history of these pilots shows that many of them are failed..  I’m sure that it is a combination of not wanting to move empty freight containers and cap booster 800s 30 jumps for 2mil 50mil collateral.  There are also those, I’m sure that bought it and can’t actually move it.  Well done Mr. Contract man!

Another new one I’m seeing is similar the the previous, but done in a smaller size, but with an added trick.  I have actually bitten at this one.   This is an unpackaged battleship sized contract for 300 mil collateral and a 4 mil or so reward.  The contract says it is a fleet issue ship and you bite.  After all, you can complete it if it is just cap boosters.  You peek inside and see a Tempest named Tempest Fleet Issue a la trade window scam.  Clever if you ask me.  Of course, all you have to do is show info to see what it really is but those with isk floating in their eyes might miss it.  Tricky.

I love seeing new (to me at least) and creative plays on relieving isk from others too busy or greedy to pay attention.  It warms my heart to see how quickly others react to newsworthy items.

Have you seen others trying to capitalize on courier contracts in new and interesting ways?  Feel free to comment!  Also, I think I will be waiting for things to settle down a bit before I start collateral shopping again.

o/ Gigis

Metropolis Pt.1

Posted in General Asshattery, Uncategorized on November 2, 2010 by Gigis

I began my quest in North West (according to Dotlan) Metropolis and have been pretty happy with the results so far.

I jumped into Inder and was immediately suspicious of missions due to the sheer mass of cargo containers on directional scan.  As I began scanning out belts, I smiled a but inside as I realized that these players were just dumb.  I found a belt with 3 named cans, warped to the belt and bookmarked the can.

As I aligned out to another belt I set the Retriever’s corp red to be able to keep an eye on local.  As I warped back to zero on the cans I was happy to see that there was 3 others in local and that all were relatively new to the game except one.  He was 10 months old. This, my friends, is usually a good sign that he will try to show off to the new players and I will e able to make him look foolish.

As I entered the belt I jettisoned a round of barrage and flipped an entire can of Azure Plag.  The other two cans were also filled to the brim and I knew that I would be leaving with an Orca full of ore.  I switched screens and warped the Orca to the nearest planet and set it to align to the belt I was in for quick warping.  I came back just in time to see a yellow box become a red box.

I took my time killing him and his drones as I wanted to get some aggro from his corp mates as well.  But as I finished with his drones and shields with just my guns, no one had shown up yet so I turned him into a wreck.  As I began looting his wreck a Hyperion warped into the belt.  Score.  I approached him while maintaining transversal and pointed him as he redboxed me.  Out came 2 T1 sentry drones which were killed and he continued to miss me with his 425mm Rails.  I warped the Orca in and swapped to my cane and turned his shiny Hype into a bag of loot.  He immediately logged off.

In the same system the story relived itself once more this time with a Badger attempting to reclaim his stolen ore, and a Drake who wanted to make me pay.  The Drake, actually gave me a run for my money as he fit for the occasion with a full rack of light missiles that had me spamming warp with my Orca.  But I was able to switch in time and the Drake was no more.

In a different system I killed a Cyclone who followed me 200k above the belt as I killed his drones and then followed me as I warped back to the belt at zero into the loving arms of my sweet Orca.  He logged after I killed him but left a bit of wisdom in local >I should have left it… True true.

There was also this Covetor but it didn’t escalate at all.

Tonight I will be passing through some more of the Metropolis and hope to be as lucky.  I’ll tell you about it tomorrow! (or the next day)

o/ Gigis

Rifter v. Orca

Posted in Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 by Gigis

While I should have been reading a paper on patch clamping, I decided to go for a little belt roam in my Rifter.  After a couple of unproductive systems, I decided to try one more.  I jumped into Du Annes and caught a cargo container in a belt named “Hauler Transfer.”  Well if that isn’t a dead giveaway I don’t know what is..

I warped to the belt, saved a bookmark of the can and warped to the next belt.  After warping to zero on the can I promptly flipped it and quickly saw my can empty and an Orca start flashing.  I quickly applied my scram to the offending ship and changed my overview to view the drones that were damaging me.  I webbed and shot 5 Hammerhead IIs and returned to the Orca and prayed that I had enough ammo.

The Orca pilot was in an NPC corp so I wasn’t worried about aggro from others.  3 ships in the belt locked me up and one even fired on me while the Orca was in low structure.  Presumably the offending Thorax thought that he could suicide gank me in order to save the Orca. I would have tried a Blackbird instead.  Either way the Orca went Boom followed quickly by the Thorax.

A good time was had by me. \o/

Till next time,

o/ Gigis

Macro Orca Kill

Posted in Uncategorized on September 7, 2010 by Gigis

I logged in today after the long weekend and noticed crap loads of Mackinaws and cargo containers on scan at the local ice belt.  I warped to the belt in my Rifter and saw all the miners but no cans.  That almost lead me to seek greener pastures but I had an idea.  I pulled in my scan range to a couple thousand km and scanned for the cans again.  There they all were..

With great speed I switched to my probing ship and quickly scanned out the safe spot.  There I found a great assortment of containers surrounding an Orca that was tractoring them in.  Almost all the cans belonged to NPC corporations except the ones that belonged to the corp of the Orca.  I switched back to my Rifter and aligned the Orca toward the safe.  I was either going to need something to haul my flipped ore out or need to switch ships.

I began flipping the ice and to my surprise the Orca went flashy! I quickly put a point on the flashy Orca and warped my Orca in to reship to my Cane.  In short order Mr. Macro Orca went boom.  I switched back to my Rifter and continued to flip ore for the Orca to take.  I assume that the pilot was using a crappy macro and he took from a flipped can of mine

Fast forward 2 hours:

I am still stealing the Ice that this guys 15 macro miners continue to bring in and drop off at this safe spot.  The Orca pilot’s pod is still here and I have made about 6 runs full of ice with my Orca.  I have also filed a petition for macroing with the Orca pilot and the mining barges that continue to drop off ore.

I want to wait here until he actually comes back and sees his Orca gone for the tears but I don’t know how long that will be…

As a parting gift here is his bio:

Ok Fellas Listen up…
I am not a macro, i “AFK Mine” due to other commitments and other stuf i need to do at the same time as eve… there is a chance i will chat while doing this but if i dont chat, live with it. if you need to chat about somthing important then send me a mail but again i can not gurantee that i will read it very quickly…

o/ Gigis

The Reformed Anti-Pirate (TRAP)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 27, 2010 by Gigis

Greeting fellow pod pilots!  My name is Gigis Nooj, and I am a recovering anti-pirate.

After around 2 years of being a part of an an anti-pirate alliance (-7-) I have decided to forge my own path.  I have cast off the concept of e-honor as a rule and will not be looking out for myself no matter how many tears I may cause along the way.  Posted here will be my stories.  I hope that you all enjoy them.

o/ Gigis