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Labor Day = AFK

Posted in Out Of Game on September 6, 2010 by Gigis

I wasn’t able to play any Eve this weekend due to a lovely trip out to visit my parents in Upstate NY.  Over the long weekend a good time was had by all especially my wife who, after returning from the local brewery as tipsy as the rest of the fam, started pouring everyone shots.  Always fun till the next day…

So now as my brother-in-law drives the long trip back to Chicago I am catching up on all my Eve blogs and getting pumped for the coming week. 
Over the weekend I trained up Gal BS III and Mini BS IV so that I can make a nice gank Typhoon and also to be able to fly any T1 subcap.  After all.. I’ve been working on getting into a corp with my alt before infiltration became fotm..  I’m gonna need to be able to fly those ships out of poses!

o/ Gigis


Market Day

Posted in Out Of Game, War on August 30, 2010 by Gigis

Today I didn’t play too much.  I caught up on Rubicon and Mad Men and updated market orders on my alt to replace ships that I lost over the past few days and bought fittings for some extras.  Over the past week I found that I didn’t have enough stock fittings to refit from the Orca without buying modules at outrageous non-hub prices.  Now I have 10 Rifters and 2 Canes plus fittings for about 15 of each locked safely in the Orca.  That should make me a bit more mobile.

I also revoked my war decs.  While it was fun and I learned a lot from the experience, I am trying to be an ass.  When the WT decided that he enjoyed fighting, the whole thing kind of lost its appeal.  So in 24 hours I will no longer be at war.  After that I will move on to a different region and see what I can do to piss people off.

Till tomorrow,

o/ Gigis