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Posted in Meta on October 20, 2010 by Gigis

As promised, this is the account of my first corp theft.

After reading Captain Charismatic’s Guide over at My Loot, Your Tears I was inspired to try my hand at corp theft.  After seeing someone spam an advert for an industrial corp in local, I opened a convo with the sender.  It turned out that the corp was relatively new but had a high sec research POS and had recently loss their freighter pilot.  I thought about the POS and about the potential to have them buy me a freighter and applied.

Over the following few weeks I mined, and built.  I offered to let miners mine into my Orca and offered to put research jobs for people.  It wasn’t long before I was named the Production Director(title only, no director roles) and started advising members which BPOs to buy and what hangers and labs to research them in.  Of course I made sure that I had access to those tabs and assured the members that their BPOs were safe as myself and CEO were the only ones that would be able to access them.

A few days before I had planned to conduct my heist (some of the more expensive BPOs were going to be finishing their research and I didnt want to risk losing them to their owners)  the CEO surprised me with a brand new Fenrir.  He made a point of making sure that I knew that it was still the corp’s ship and I was just borrowing it.  Haha.

The next day the CEO started redesigning the POS because I had been bugging him about the ship assembly arrays being too far from corp hangars.  I knew it was getting close to the time when he usually logged off so I offered to set it up myself.  He has already unanchored most of the modules (excluding the labs) which made my work that much easier.

I waited a few minuted after the CEO logged off and started unanchoring a ship maintenance array.  Two minutes into the unanchoring the CEOs Alt warped to the station and noticed the unanchor bar and convoed me.  As my heart beat a million times a minute I played the confused part and said I thought he said he also wanted the SMA near the ship assembly arrays.  He corrected my supposition and I reanchored it as soon as it finished.  Not knowing when he would actually be sleeping (he sometimes kept this alt in a mining link Orca at the POS while he was away) I began to anchor some things that were cheap and had short unanchor times.

Realizing that anchoring stuff would get me nowhere, I decided to go for it and start taking things most valuable first.  That way I would at least get away with all the BPOs and some labs.  I canceled all the jobs and collected all the blueprints and began unanchoring the labs.  I honestly figured that I would get caught midway and have to dock up but one thing lead to another and ALL the pos modules were in my hanger and the POS tower was unanchoring.  (all this while giving advice to online members and the CEOs alt sitting in the POS with me.  It was rather invigorating.

As the tower offlined I stole everything from the station hanger and wallet divisions.  All in all the take was about 4b with highlights being a BC BPO, a couple cruiser BPOs, 5 Labs, 2 Advanced Labs, tons of other POS modules and fuel, and the Fenrir that was “loaned” to me.  I wasnt able to make off with the tower, however (It did unanchor)..  I came back to my computer with about 5 min left on the unanchor to see this:

*WARNING: Language is not for the easily offended*

*Names have been changed to minimize search results*

CEO > uh ooh

CEO > where is our pos?

Member 1> ??

Member 1> it’s gone?

CEO > yes

CEO > is SPY ALT asleep?

Member 1> i thought i saw her earlier

Member 1> you’re the first to say anything about the pos though

Member 1> i spoke with er just about an hour ago

Member 1> *her

CEO > cool

Member 2> WHAT????

Member 2> OUR POS IS GONE???

CEO > I dont see it

CEO > only the tower


CEO > SPY ALT was redesigning it


Member 2> my jobs!!!!!

Member 2> like seriously????

Member 2> yall said yall werent doin it till the jobs were completed??????

CEO > we decided to keep the jobs cause labs werent moving

CEO > and change everything else

Member 2> So where the fuck is everything else???

CEO > my best bet that SPY ALT has em

Member 2> WHAT THE FUCK!!!

Member 2> You move that pos and we wont be able to set it back up cause the corp has no standings!

CEO > we can don’t worry

CEO > what were you gonna pm me about?

Member 2> so basically i just lost the 6 days iv done on the me reserch i was doing!!!

Member 2> wtfh.

CEO > we will ask SPY ALT

Member 2> this is bullshit. just thought i would say that out loud.

CEO > I have lost jobs too

Member 2> there was a set day to do this shit. why was it done now and so soon!

Member 2> hey SPY ALT you fuckin douche nugget why the fuck did you steal everything?

Member 1> hey now

Member 2 > sorry Member 1

Member 2 > we have a traitor in corp

Member 1> perhaps

Member 2 > is no perhaps.

Member 2 > and we know who it is.

As you can see, Member 2 knew that he had been had right away.  The CEO still thought that there was just something wrong.  The next day a corp mail was sent out:

There has been a theft.

I am disbanding *CORP. It is too much drama and I don’t need it, nor do you. I tried to create something great here but I have been beaten. The isk value loss is not the issue, but the trust and friendship is not possible in Eve. In a place like this, I’ll either stay solo or go somewhere far or may not even play any more.

Wow!  I never really wanted to get people to quit playing…  But I guess that is a risk when you to things like this.

Here are some more excerpts from angry convos:

Member 2> hey *alt. eat cock and i hope u stay in a non wardecable corp for the rest of that toons carrer 🙂

Alt > why would i do that?

Member 2> because u have a bil isk bounty on ur head to pop you for the next month+ 🙂

And another:

Member 3 > Are you serious…are you really that kind of person?

Alt > what kind of person is that?

Member 3 > You must really some kind of sick puppy

Alt > how so?

Member 3 > Whats left of the corp wanted to just kill and pod you even if they lost everything to concord

Alt > that is taking it too personally

Member 3 > If you really don’t understans how sick you are….there really is no hope for you

Whelp.  Sorry you took it so hard fellows, but this is what sets Eve apart from other games.  I looked in your hangers (the CEO gave me roles for that too) and I know that you will all be just fine.

Now I just need to wait till the C&P thread gets to the next page so that I can apply to another corp!

o/ Gigis

Note: I would have taken the shares of the corp and overthrown it but shortly after this post the CEO took all the shares. 😦


Hostile Takeover?

Posted in General Asshattery, Meta on September 12, 2010 by Gigis

Not too much has been happening lately,  I went back for more of the macro Orca‘s ice but wasn’t able to get any aggro.  I did steal a whole lot of ice though and at one point he showed up at his computer.  The tears aren’t good enough to post but he did leave the area in search of an ice field not policed by me.  The problem for him, however, is that he autopiloted (of course) his entire fleet of more then 30 mining barges and Orcas to the new system.  I, of course, followed him.  I’m thinking a war dec is in order.

In other news I have used my alt account to get into a corp for the purpose of taking everything they have.  I know, “How FOTM is that?”  I’ve noticed that all 1000 shares are in the corp wallet (which I have access to 1 division) and have been contemplating taking the shares and ousting the CEO.  It really would do them all a favor.  I just want director access so that I can take the iskies from all the divisions and then remove all of the other directors roles so that I can have everything.  I’m also trying to talk the CEO into buying me a freighter which they need.  If I start making progress on that and get Director It will all be over.

I do need some advice though.  When I transfer the shares to myself is anyone notified?  Further, when I start a vote to make myself CEO will others be notified?  Or will just shareholders (aka ME) be notified?  Please comment if you have answers!

o/ Gigis