Enemy for Life

I have decided to make my ninjaing a more social experiance.  I have, therefore, relocated myself near Dodixie so that I can assist and be assisted by the other dishonourable of New Eden.  But this post is not about that…  This post is about Shawn Amyotte.

I found Shawn mining into a can in Algogille and swiftly relocated his ore into a can of mine.  The following private convo ensued:

Gigis Nooj > what can I do for you?

Shawn Amyotte > Why’d you steal my shit?

Gigis Nooj > I am mining

Shawn Amyotte > You know I’m coming back to kill you now.

Gigis Nooj > okay

Gigis Nooj > mine for me some more

Shawn Amyotte > Ya mining isn’t stealing someone elses hard work asshole

Gigis Nooj > hard work is bringing it back to the station

Gigis Nooj > when you put it in a can it is a donation to me

Shawn Amyotte > Ya but now you’ve made yourself a free kill for me

Shawn Amyotte > I’ll just get it all back and get to pod you lolz

Shawn Amyotte > later

At this point he warps off to a gate and leaves local.  Minutes pass and the aggro timer gets to 2 minutes as he arrives back in local.  ACatalyst warps to zero on the can and starts shooting me. He is quickly brought to half hull.

Gigis Nooj > how mush isk do you have?

Shawn Amyotte > dood you’re just an asshole

Gigis Nooj > how so?

Shawn Amyotte > you like picking on noobs

Shawn Amyotte > where I’m from it’s called bullying

Gigis Nooj > I like picking on people that mine into cans

Gigis Nooj > where I come from its called lazy

Shawn Amyotte > it’s called making money to buy new stuff

Gigis Nooj > how will you make better money? losing your ship?  or running ore to the station?

Shawn Amyotte > you’re just making me take longer to get anywhere in the game, don’t worry I’ve already signed up for a year and I’ll be getting ready to handle you that whole time.

Gigis Nooj > ooooh  so it’s going to be a vendetta?

Gigis Nooj > going to hunt me down later?

Shawn Amyotte > no a slaughter I’m going to hunt you every day until you cancel your account

Gigis Nooj > fantastic!!

Shawn Amyotte > now run along and bug someone else while I prepare

Gigis Nooj > ok so I’m going to kill your ship and then I’m going to blow up your ore

Gigis Nooj > sound good?

Shawn Amyotte > I would expect no less from a coward

Gigis Nooj > okay

Shawn Amyotte > have at it loser

Gigis Nooj > that seems like we are on the same page

Shawn shortly exploded and warped out of system again. We will see how his preparations are going in a month or so.  I hope that he stays focused.

As Shawn warped off and I blued his can for a one day old mining in an Iteron I.  See I’m a nice guy!

o/ Gigis


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