Kronos Kill

The other day I was passing through the Kador region scanning belts and seeing if there were any juicy mission runners when I happened upon a Kronos in a mission.  I switched to my battle vigil and began the salvage and steal bit as the MR began to talk trash in local.  He reported, after I had cleaned half his room, that he and his corp mates had warned everyone within a three system radius about me being a ninja.  Oh noes..  Didn’t stop him from losing his ship!

I was happy to see one of his corp mates pop into local and was delighted to see a Cormorant show up on a short range directional scan.  I burned away from the warp in point to get a little range and as the Corm pilot landed I was locked up and fired upon.  I pulled out of range of the Kronos (who had been locking me the whole time) and drew the Cormorant with me.  Once there was nothing that the Kronos pilot could do I turned on the Corm and started killing him.

I used only one gun and my drone as I wanted it to take a while so that the Kronos pilot would be tempted to help his friend.  Attempt to help he did.  As the Cormorant pilot dipped into armor the Kronos turned red and I quickly finished off the Cormorant and warped to my Orca.

I reshipped into my Cane and warped back to the mission in time to put a point and start laying into the Kronos.  There were nothing his guns could do to me as I orbited him and as my neuts and guns worked their magic on him I saw local begin to fill with his corp mates.  A Raven warped into the mission area and I began to get worried but a quick check of my aggro timer showed that corp aggro had worn off.  I’m sure that the Raven pilot reported the CONCORD warning in corp chat.  I’m also sure that the Kronos pilot told him to shoot anyway.  I was lucky enough to get a shot off before CONCORD relieved him of his Raven.  Likely his sad report caused the other members not to join in on the fun.

As the Kronos dipped into structure and refused an offer of a ransom the Cormorant pilot returned in a Kestrel and got alphaed.  Then the Kronos became a Kronos wreck.

Sadly there was nothing yummy on any of the ships.  But you can’t be too sad about a Marauder kill!  There were no tears but here is the Kronos pilot’s Bio as a parting shot:

“Eve is just a game. People tend to get really worked up about it, and this is highly amusing. The best moments of Eve is when someone throws a hissy fit after you pwned them when they didn’t expect it. You often use the “it’s a PvP game-line”, but what you really mean by that is that the game is supposed to be exploited and won. No trick is beneath you as long as it lets you get a laugh at the expense of someone else. Everything is valid until CCP says it’s not”

o/ Gigis


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