Picking Fights

I am happy to report that I am the proud owner of a Sleipnir Field Command Ship.  This beauty is a beast.  The only problem is that I can not fit it in my Orca while my Cane is still alive.  Wiser people then I would simply strip down their Cane and perhaps sell it rigger at a trade hub.  This guy, however, had decided to lose it spectacularly.  There is now no fight I won’t pick in an effort to lose my ship.  The problem is that I am not losing it…

Kethea Nomad, for example was running a high sec complex in his Drake.  I was not doing a good job at getting aggro until I noticed a medium Dread Guristas wreck.  As I zoomed toward it in my salvage Vigil I was locked and then fired upon.  I was flying the vanella T1 Vigil so I thought it would be best to lose it in a fire.  Nothing makes a bear feel safer then scoring a kill.  As I was warping back to the mission with my Cane I knew that I would have to make up some ground in order to get into point range.  Thankfully the bear was nice enough to be more interested in the DG loot then me and I got into point range and started hammering.  He held out pretty long and I noticed halfway through shield that a member of his corp had entered local.  That member, Janikra had entered the complex pocket with his Brutix as I was nearing completion of shields and was conveniently within point range as the Drake turned into an egg.

Normally I would have had second thoughts about engaging the Brutix as I was already in half armor at this time.  I know that Brutixes can hit pretty hard but I also was excited to fly my Sleipnir.  Into the Brutix I laid and he was also turned into an egg in short order.  I suppose he was unrigged and fit with a shield buffer…

As the engagement ended, my heart was racing and my armor was 4/5 gone.  Fighting multiples at the same time is a lot of fun.  More efforts to lose my Cane to come tomorrow with my first Marauder kill!

o/ Gigis


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