No More Learning!

I was very pleased this week to see the dev blog on the removal of learning skills.  Let me be the (n)th to say “SQUEEEEE!!!”  I think that this is great news for everyone.

New players can now get into the game and train skills that are satisfying and rewarding to train.  This leads to more new pilots staying in the game and that is great for everyone.

I have always hated that friends that I invited to the game had to put up with complete unfunness for so long.  This change will remove pointless complexity and retain meaningful complexity while not penalizing those who have trained the skills.  In fact, I’m super excited to plan what I will spend my 1.9m sp on my main and 2m on my alt.  Perhaps another cruiser V for the main and turn my alt into a Scimi pilot..

In other news in 11 days my alt will be able to plug in a skirmish mindlink!  It will do wonders for my mission busting as my overheated Republic Fleet Warp Disrupter will be boosted by the Orca.  There have been some MRs that wait till I am just outside of point range and then warp..  They won’t be expecting a 40k+ point!  Woot!

o/ Gigis


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