Rage Against the Bots

As mentioned in my last post, I have declared war on the macro mining menace known as Silverwing Industries.  Sadly, this macro miner uses Hulks from NPC corporations to do the actual mining and I, therefore, can’t kill and pod all of them.  There is, however, an Orca and two Iteron Vs that are in the corp that are rather tastey.  That is good enough for the 2M war dec fee.

The war went live at 00:07 Nov 12th Eve time.  About 2 hours before, I fit a gank cane with 2 disrupters, warped to where the macroer was busy doing his thing, and logged off.  My alt was logged in keeping track of the system and at 00:08, I used her to check if fighting was alowed.  It was and I logged in Gigis.  By 00:14 the two Iteron Vs and Orca were killed and Podded back to their death clone systems. \o/

Since the opening 7 minutes of the war, the war targets did not log in till Sunday evening when they all joined NPC corporations.  BOO!!  They have now flown back to Riavayed and are now sitting in shuttles and noob ships.  I wonder if they will reship and get back to it..  If they do I may need to cash in on some sec status and suicide myself some haulers.

I will keep you posted and encourage the rest of you to do your own part to fight Macros when you find them.  Or forward information to me!

o/ Gigis


One Response to “Rage Against the Bots”

  1. Excellent work! Keep it up \o/

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