Free Ice!

Remember the macro Orca that I killed a while back?  Well I ran into him the other day and all of his Retriever pilots have upgraded to Hulks!  Know what that means?  More free ice!

The guy is doing the same thing that he did before.  He sits in an Orca approaching an anchored can.  He then tractors the jet cans full of ice to the Orca and  places them into his hanger array for his two ItyVs to cart back to the station.

While it is fun and rather profitable to steal his ice (I like to wait an hour or so to let the cans build up so that there is no waiting, just 5 or so Orcas full till I catch up) it bothers me that the ice I steal from him is hardly a dent in the isk that he makes doing this.  I’ve petitioned CCP and they said they would check it out but they obviously have not.

His macro isn’t that good and sometimes his haulers take from my cans.  That allows me to kill a hauler and then prevents him from taking half his ice to station.  Of course, because it is a macro, the pod keeps warping back to the Orca for hours.   So I’m gonna go ahead and war dec him.  I want another Orca kill >:)  Lets see if this stops his operation.

Stay tuned for war updates!

o/ Gigis


3 Responses to “Free Ice!”

  1. ‘Of course, because it is a macro, the pod keeps warping back to the Orca for hours.’ <— that really made me chuckle!

    I made a post about Macro-Mining in my Blog, and as annoying as it is I pointed out that macro-miners give people like yourself some fun by doing what you described!

    I came to the conclusion that CCP tend to overlook a lot of MM's because, at the end of the day, the are paying customers. Me, I don't mind them too much for the very reasons you stated in your post!

    Make sure you post your progress on the war-dec!


    • Thanks for stopping by! I know that if CCP actually investigated they would see it is a macro. However, I wonder what would happen to the price of pos fuel if the macros were banned.. While it is cheating and bad for the individual miner, it may be good for the rest of Eve. Either way I will fight it.

      o/ Gigis

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