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Picking Fights

Posted in General Asshattery on November 30, 2010 by Gigis

I am happy to report that I am the proud owner of a Sleipnir Field Command Ship.  This beauty is a beast.  The only problem is that I can not fit it in my Orca while my Cane is still alive.  Wiser people then I would simply strip down their Cane and perhaps sell it rigger at a trade hub.  This guy, however, had decided to lose it spectacularly.  There is now no fight I won’t pick in an effort to lose my ship.  The problem is that I am not losing it…

Kethea Nomad, for example was running a high sec complex in his Drake.  I was not doing a good job at getting aggro until I noticed a medium Dread Guristas wreck.  As I zoomed toward it in my salvage Vigil I was locked and then fired upon.  I was flying the vanella T1 Vigil so I thought it would be best to lose it in a fire.  Nothing makes a bear feel safer then scoring a kill.  As I was warping back to the mission with my Cane I knew that I would have to make up some ground in order to get into point range.  Thankfully the bear was nice enough to be more interested in the DG loot then me and I got into point range and started hammering.  He held out pretty long and I noticed halfway through shield that a member of his corp had entered local.  That member, Janikra had entered the complex pocket with his Brutix as I was nearing completion of shields and was conveniently within point range as the Drake turned into an egg.

Normally I would have had second thoughts about engaging the Brutix as I was already in half armor at this time.  I know that Brutixes can hit pretty hard but I also was excited to fly my Sleipnir.  Into the Brutix I laid and he was also turned into an egg in short order.  I suppose he was unrigged and fit with a shield buffer…

As the engagement ended, my heart was racing and my armor was 4/5 gone.  Fighting multiples at the same time is a lot of fun.  More efforts to lose my Cane to come tomorrow with my first Marauder kill!

o/ Gigis


No More Learning!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 28, 2010 by Gigis

I was very pleased this week to see the dev blog on the removal of learning skills.  Let me be the (n)th to say “SQUEEEEE!!!”  I think that this is great news for everyone.

New players can now get into the game and train skills that are satisfying and rewarding to train.  This leads to more new pilots staying in the game and that is great for everyone.

I have always hated that friends that I invited to the game had to put up with complete unfunness for so long.  This change will remove pointless complexity and retain meaningful complexity while not penalizing those who have trained the skills.  In fact, I’m super excited to plan what I will spend my 1.9m sp on my main and 2m on my alt.  Perhaps another cruiser V for the main and turn my alt into a Scimi pilot..

In other news in 11 days my alt will be able to plug in a skirmish mindlink!  It will do wonders for my mission busting as my overheated Republic Fleet Warp Disrupter will be boosted by the Orca.  There have been some MRs that wait till I am just outside of point range and then warp..  They won’t be expecting a 40k+ point!  Woot!

o/ Gigis

The Age of the Courier Scam

Posted in Uncategorized on November 16, 2010 by Gigis

Courier contract scamming is nothing new in New Eden.  For years pilots have been using courier missions to undockable (unless you have standings) stations.  Some make the destination a lowsec system and others (who are smarter, I believe) make the destination a highsec system surrounded by lowsec.  There is also the always popular suicide gank of a smaller ship in hopes of collecting collateral.  As generally happens in New Eden, however, the smart scammers are evolving.

Ever since news broke of Hax Zoidberg’s amazing windfall of 60 billion in minerals from 4 contracts asking 1 billion collateral each it would seem that everyone, including myself, is paying more attention to courier contracts.  Many are jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of striking it rich, and there are those conspiring against us!  Such is Eve.

So I thought I would share with you the new (at least to me) ways that some intrepid pilots are trying to take advantage of those trying to profit from the mistakes of others.  (I, of course, think that all these mind games are wonderful!)

First, are those who are creating very high volume (960,000m3) contracts for relitively low collateral (50 to a couple hundred mil) and a lowish payout (a couple mil).  Often times they say things in the description like “minerals to the corp hanger and CNRs to director hanger” or “Nightmare and Tengu.”  I have not accepted and of these contracts but I am sure they appeal to those who are looking to break the contract.  If the contents match the description failing the contract is made of win.  However, I’m sure that they are worthless and the 960,000m3 volume means that you need a level V Charon pilot to be able to move the cargo anyway.  Examination of the contract history of these pilots shows that many of them are failed..  I’m sure that it is a combination of not wanting to move empty freight containers and cap booster 800s 30 jumps for 2mil 50mil collateral.  There are also those, I’m sure that bought it and can’t actually move it.  Well done Mr. Contract man!

Another new one I’m seeing is similar the the previous, but done in a smaller size, but with an added trick.  I have actually bitten at this one.   This is an unpackaged battleship sized contract for 300 mil collateral and a 4 mil or so reward.  The contract says it is a fleet issue ship and you bite.  After all, you can complete it if it is just cap boosters.  You peek inside and see a Tempest named Tempest Fleet Issue a la trade window scam.  Clever if you ask me.  Of course, all you have to do is show info to see what it really is but those with isk floating in their eyes might miss it.  Tricky.

I love seeing new (to me at least) and creative plays on relieving isk from others too busy or greedy to pay attention.  It warms my heart to see how quickly others react to newsworthy items.

Have you seen others trying to capitalize on courier contracts in new and interesting ways?  Feel free to comment!  Also, I think I will be waiting for things to settle down a bit before I start collateral shopping again.

o/ Gigis

Rage Against the Bots

Posted in War on November 15, 2010 by Gigis

As mentioned in my last post, I have declared war on the macro mining menace known as Silverwing Industries.  Sadly, this macro miner uses Hulks from NPC corporations to do the actual mining and I, therefore, can’t kill and pod all of them.  There is, however, an Orca and two Iteron Vs that are in the corp that are rather tastey.  That is good enough for the 2M war dec fee.

The war went live at 00:07 Nov 12th Eve time.  About 2 hours before, I fit a gank cane with 2 disrupters, warped to where the macroer was busy doing his thing, and logged off.  My alt was logged in keeping track of the system and at 00:08, I used her to check if fighting was alowed.  It was and I logged in Gigis.  By 00:14 the two Iteron Vs and Orca were killed and Podded back to their death clone systems. \o/

Since the opening 7 minutes of the war, the war targets did not log in till Sunday evening when they all joined NPC corporations.  BOO!!  They have now flown back to Riavayed and are now sitting in shuttles and noob ships.  I wonder if they will reship and get back to it..  If they do I may need to cash in on some sec status and suicide myself some haulers.

I will keep you posted and encourage the rest of you to do your own part to fight Macros when you find them.  Or forward information to me!

o/ Gigis

Free Ice!

Posted in General Asshattery, War on November 12, 2010 by Gigis

Remember the macro Orca that I killed a while back?  Well I ran into him the other day and all of his Retriever pilots have upgraded to Hulks!  Know what that means?  More free ice!

The guy is doing the same thing that he did before.  He sits in an Orca approaching an anchored can.  He then tractors the jet cans full of ice to the Orca and  places them into his hanger array for his two ItyVs to cart back to the station.

While it is fun and rather profitable to steal his ice (I like to wait an hour or so to let the cans build up so that there is no waiting, just 5 or so Orcas full till I catch up) it bothers me that the ice I steal from him is hardly a dent in the isk that he makes doing this.  I’ve petitioned CCP and they said they would check it out but they obviously have not.

His macro isn’t that good and sometimes his haulers take from my cans.  That allows me to kill a hauler and then prevents him from taking half his ice to station.  Of course, because it is a macro, the pod keeps warping back to the Orca for hours.   So I’m gonna go ahead and war dec him.  I want another Orca kill >:)  Lets see if this stops his operation.

Stay tuned for war updates!

o/ Gigis

In Defense of Ore

Posted in General Asshattery on November 10, 2010 by Gigis

Some pilots do stupid things for just a tiny bit of ore.  CheckisT1980, for example, is a 1+ year old character.  He was caught can mining in Riavayed in a Retriever.  When my heroic Rifter flipped his can he aligned and warped to the station.

This is often great news.  I watched his Retriever (named something in Russian) dissapear.  A session timer later a Russian named Abaddon exited the station.  Excellent!

The Abaddon warped into the can at 0 and took from it.  Time for the Abaddon to die.  After I killed his 2 flights of Hobgoblin Is and him failing to track me with his tachyons, he thought it best to log off. 

So I thought it best to warp in my Orca and switch to the Cane.  In short order the Abaddon was reduced to scraps and the world was again as it should be. 

Not a bad session for the 30 session before I have to run off to school. 

o/ Gigis

Heimatar Pt. 2

Posted in General Asshattery on November 7, 2010 by Gigis

Heimatar has brought more adventure!  This one involves delicious tears and a rage quit!  My mother would be so proud!

This post is brought to us by Glorystrike.  Mr. Glorystrike and his Tempest were scanned down near the end of a productive night.  I entered his mission and was quickly yellow boxed.  I had recently refit my Vigil into warp disrupting 150mm toating Battlevigil and I was excited not to have to warp out.  I stole some loot and was quickly being missed by his guns.

I put my point on him and quickly setteled into a tight orbit around him and shot him and his Ogre Is as they peaked out.  It became clear relitively early that my 2 guns did not have the DPS to break his tank (I forgot about my drone which may have made a difference.) So I initiated warp with the Orca.

As the Orca landed I noticed that it was 45k away from the fighting..  not good. I hit approach on the Pest anyway.  You never know how it will work out.. I switched back to my main and saw that he was moving closer to the unaggroed spawn.

This worried me slightly as I didn’t know how many of them I would be able to handle. My fears were for nothing as I saw his damage begin to increase and nothing on me.  But wait! I also have an Orca in the room to share the aggro!

I switched back to the Orca pilot and was relieved as I saw nothing locking me.  But wait!  The Orca pilot has just been yellowboxed by the Pest!  And here comes CONCORD to help me with my DPS problem!  Boom went the Tempest!  As I looked through the wreck my delight turned to horror.  Hull rep, armor rep, shield hardeners!  What a piece of junk!  What I did not gain in loot, however, I gained in tears.

First an Evemail:

thanks for ruining the game for me.

From: Glorystrike

Sent: 2010.11.07 03:59

To: Gigis Nooj,
asshole. Just trying to play game and have fun. I don’t play much and obviously don’t have skills to deal with a prick like you. I don’t even know how to find someonetthat’s having an NPC encounter

Now local:

Gigis Nooj > lol

Glorystrike > asshole = Gigis Nooj

Glorystrike > (hey, my first time swearing in this mmo

Glorystrike > I’ve just started playing from the last time someone found me minding my own business on an NPC encounter.

Gigis Nooj > now now

Glorystrike > found me and ganked me then too.  thanks for letting me know I should quite (I”M solo player whom likes kicking back and relaxing.  )

Gigis Nooj > no need for those mean words

Tah’ris Khlador > Were you in low sec?

Glorystrike > No, not your fault I don’t know how to play, yada yada. have fun

Glorystrike > no, +2.0 (*he is referring to his own Sec status)

Glorystrike > why do you ask?

Tah’ris Khlador > How’d he gank you?

Gigis Nooj > i was in a vigil and i pwn

Glorystrike > does it mater?  I”M SUre it’s by the ‘rules’, what ever they might be.

Tah’ris Khlador > lol

Tah’ris Khlador > I recommend you find a corp with people who can help you then

Tah’ris Khlador > so that you don’t get stuck getting ganked when you’re just trying ot mission run

Gigis Nooj > you would never have died if you hadnt shot my alt

Gigis Nooj > and got concordokin

Tah’ris Khlador > lol yeah that might do it

Glorystrike > yep, just what I don’t have time for.  Very casual gamer and this is the 2nd time it’s happened.

Gigis Nooj > well if you didnt learn after the first time i got no new advice

Tah’ris Khlador > Er….MMO’s don’t make the best “casual” games

Glorystrike > I have no idea what you mean when you say ‘concordokin’

Tah’ris Khlador > he means you were free to fire upon by concord

Tah’ris Khlador > Concord wouldn’t shoot him for shooting back

Gigis Nooj > i paid them

Tah’ris Khlador > You paid them? lol

Natassha Bork > what? you find a doughnut spawn?

Tah’ris Khlador > haha

Glorystrike > well, in the end, I’m out 90mil, and the last time it happened, I had ‘just’ enough saved to recover.  I thank you for your explinations.  Have fun playing the game and whack’n noobs in a secure sector (not sure what that means in this case).

Glorystrike > It’s just a game after all.  I’ll find fun elsewhere.


o/ Gigis