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Hostile Takeover?

Posted in General Asshattery, Meta on September 12, 2010 by Gigis

Not too much has been happening lately,  I went back for more of the macro Orca‘s ice but wasn’t able to get any aggro.  I did steal a whole lot of ice though and at one point he showed up at his computer.  The tears aren’t good enough to post but he did leave the area in search of an ice field not policed by me.  The problem for him, however, is that he autopiloted (of course) his entire fleet of more then 30 mining barges and Orcas to the new system.  I, of course, followed him.  I’m thinking a war dec is in order.

In other news I have used my alt account to get into a corp for the purpose of taking everything they have.  I know, “How FOTM is that?”  I’ve noticed that all 1000 shares are in the corp wallet (which I have access to 1 division) and have been contemplating taking the shares and ousting the CEO.  It really would do them all a favor.  I just want director access so that I can take the iskies from all the divisions and then remove all of the other directors roles so that I can have everything.  I’m also trying to talk the CEO into buying me a freighter which they need.  If I start making progress on that and get Director It will all be over.

I do need some advice though.  When I transfer the shares to myself is anyone notified?  Further, when I start a vote to make myself CEO will others be notified?  Or will just shareholders (aka ME) be notified?  Please comment if you have answers!

o/ Gigis


Macro Orca Kill

Posted in Uncategorized on September 7, 2010 by Gigis

I logged in today after the long weekend and noticed crap loads of Mackinaws and cargo containers on scan at the local ice belt.  I warped to the belt in my Rifter and saw all the miners but no cans.  That almost lead me to seek greener pastures but I had an idea.  I pulled in my scan range to a couple thousand km and scanned for the cans again.  There they all were..

With great speed I switched to my probing ship and quickly scanned out the safe spot.  There I found a great assortment of containers surrounding an Orca that was tractoring them in.  Almost all the cans belonged to NPC corporations except the ones that belonged to the corp of the Orca.  I switched back to my Rifter and aligned the Orca toward the safe.  I was either going to need something to haul my flipped ore out or need to switch ships.

I began flipping the ice and to my surprise the Orca went flashy! I quickly put a point on the flashy Orca and warped my Orca in to reship to my Cane.  In short order Mr. Macro Orca went boom.  I switched back to my Rifter and continued to flip ore for the Orca to take.  I assume that the pilot was using a crappy macro and he took from a flipped can of mine

Fast forward 2 hours:

I am still stealing the Ice that this guys 15 macro miners continue to bring in and drop off at this safe spot.  The Orca pilot’s pod is still here and I have made about 6 runs full of ice with my Orca.  I have also filed a petition for macroing with the Orca pilot and the mining barges that continue to drop off ore.

I want to wait here until he actually comes back and sees his Orca gone for the tears but I don’t know how long that will be…

As a parting gift here is his bio:

Ok Fellas Listen up…
I am not a macro, i “AFK Mine” due to other commitments and other stuf i need to do at the same time as eve… there is a chance i will chat while doing this but if i dont chat, live with it. if you need to chat about somthing important then send me a mail but again i can not gurantee that i will read it very quickly…

o/ Gigis

Labor Day = AFK

Posted in Out Of Game on September 6, 2010 by Gigis

I wasn’t able to play any Eve this weekend due to a lovely trip out to visit my parents in Upstate NY.  Over the long weekend a good time was had by all especially my wife who, after returning from the local brewery as tipsy as the rest of the fam, started pouring everyone shots.  Always fun till the next day…

So now as my brother-in-law drives the long trip back to Chicago I am catching up on all my Eve blogs and getting pumped for the coming week. 
Over the weekend I trained up Gal BS III and Mini BS IV so that I can make a nice gank Typhoon and also to be able to fly any T1 subcap.  After all.. I’ve been working on getting into a corp with my alt before infiltration became fotm..  I’m gonna need to be able to fly those ships out of poses!

o/ Gigis

Vexor Navy Issue

Posted in General Asshattery on September 3, 2010 by Gigis

Last night I flew around Sinq Laison flipping miners and not getting much of a response.  I was flying around in my Rifter ‘Thing 3’ (1 and 2 are dead) and came upon 3 memberd of the same corp mining in a belt.  They had an Orca there but were still mining into cans.  On top of that there was a Navy Domi mining with mining drones and lasers.  Who does that?

So I flipped a can and the Domi warped out.  I followed him on directional scan as he warped to a station and saw a Navy Vexor show up shortly after his 30 second timer would have expired.  I had my Orca aligned to the belt and warped it in as soon as the Vexor appeared on grid.  I switched ships as he agressed and quickly killed the Vexor.  The neutral RR (Incursus?!) that showed up to help him didn’t help much..

Then I looked at my loot…  Republic Fleet 10NM Afterburner, Imperial Navy EANM…   Sweet!!  Armor Kinetic Hardener I ??!??  WTF…

Basically this guy had the ISK to get a faction ship and faction mods, but couldn’t even get meta4 stuff to fill in the gaps?  Oh well.  I’ll take it!

After that fun time I found a Vexor mining alone.  I flipped his can as my Orca was warping in as I was sure that it was a trap of some sort.  My cap was sucked dry as I switched ships and quickly took him to half armor before I realized that I didn’t tun on my point..  Sadly he got away.  Oh well..  I will get him some other day!

o/ Gigis

Some Tears

Posted in General Asshattery on September 1, 2010 by Gigis

I flew around Minmatar Space yesterday flipping cans and getting a few kills.  I am finding that the best place to find people dumb enough to attack or take their ore back is 0.5-0.7 space.  You can find the really dumb ones by looking for the jetcans where the smarter miners use secure containers.

Now for some tears:

After stealing his ore 6 month old rolfcopter123 warped off to the station in system and reshipped to a Cane.  I was in a Ranis and concerned that he could be smart enough to pack a web and a neut.  I figured I could at least orbit wide and kill his drones and gtfo if anything bad started happening so I waited at the belt.  I saw him undock on directional scan but he didnt come back to the belt.  After 5 minutes of waiting I went in search of him and saw that he had gone to the wrong belt.  after manually flying around him for the rest of the aggression timer without engaging I convoed him:

[ 2010.09.01 01:43:40 ] Gigis Nooj > were you scared?
[ 2010.09.01 01:43:45 ] rolfcopter123 > yea
[ 2010.09.01 01:43:49 ] rolfcopter123 > my ship is awful
[ 2010.09.01 01:43:57 ] Gigis Nooj > understandable
[ 2010.09.01 01:44:05 ] Gigis Nooj > no  the ship is great
[ 2010.09.01 01:44:13 ] Gigis Nooj > you are just awful piloting it
[ 2010.09.01 01:44:14 ] rolfcopter123 > and i try to find my car headlight problem on a forum
[ 2010.09.01 01:44:24 ] Gigis Nooj > ahh
[ 2010.09.01 01:44:29 ] rolfcopter123 > i think its the dimmer switch
[ 2010.09.01 01:44:33 ] rolfcopter123 > i will need to remplace
[ 2010.09.01 01:44:44 ] Gigis Nooj > sucky
[ 2010.09.01 01:44:45 ] rolfcopter123 > the turn signal arm too i think
[ 2010.09.01 01:44:58 ] rolfcopter123 > gona be a mess to find part
[ 2010.09.01 01:45:02 ] Gigis Nooj > why are you telling me this?
[ 2010.09.01 01:45:25 ] rolfcopter123 > because u dont even own a car
[ 2010.09.01 01:45:34 ] rolfcopter123 > and ur living in the basement of ur mom’s house
[ 2010.09.01 01:45:40 ] Gigis Nooj > lol  thats right
[ 2010.09.01 01:45:47 ] Gigis Nooj > its nice and dark here
[ 2010.09.01 01:45:56 ] Gigis Nooj > your car is pretty awesome isnt it
[ 2010.09.01 01:46:02 ] rolfcopter123 > yea
[ 2010.09.01 01:46:12 ] Gigis Nooj > what kind?
[ 2010.09.01 01:46:27 ] rolfcopter123 > 1984
[ 2010.09.01 01:46:54 ] Gigis Nooj > that narrows it down..
[ 2010.09.01 01:48:02 ] Gigis Nooj > i bet it is so awesome that the dimmer switch costs like 1b isk
[ 2010.09.01 01:48:13 ] Gigis Nooj > like an officer dimmer switch
[ 2010.09.01 01:48:51 ] rolfcopter123 > could cost me around 12 $ hard us dollars
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:02 ] rolfcopter123 > but the install is priceless
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:13 ] Gigis Nooj > so its free?
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:15 ] Gigis Nooj > thats nice
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:28 ] rolfcopter123 > not
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:33 ] rolfcopter123 > but i need to sleep
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:38 ] rolfcopter123 > need work tomorow
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:43 ] Gigis Nooj > i dont have a job
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:50 ] Gigis Nooj > i live in the basement
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:56 ] rolfcopter123 > i work in a hardwool sawmill
[ 2010.09.01 01:49:56 ] Gigis Nooj > ill be here all niht
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:01 ] rolfcopter123 > *wood
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:05 ] Gigis Nooj > ahh
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:11 ] Gigis Nooj > dont cut your fingers off
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:14 ] rolfcopter123 > its suck
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:18 ] Gigis Nooj > would be hard to use a mouse
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:27 ] rolfcopter123 > my parnter cut is right hand off last week
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:33 ] Gigis Nooj > ouch
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:40 ] Gigis Nooj > not the one he wanks with i hope
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:43 ] rolfcopter123 > but he got 57 yr old and he hate comp
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:48 ] Gigis Nooj > ive never been with a girl
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:55 ] rolfcopter123 > lol
[ 2010.09.01 01:50:59 ] rolfcopter123 > ur probable an homo
[ 2010.09.01 01:51:00 ] Gigis Nooj > all i have is wanking
[ 2010.09.01 01:51:06 ] rolfcopter123 > LOL
[ 2010.09.01 01:51:07 ] Gigis Nooj > so  what of it?
[ 2010.09.01 01:51:17 ] rolfcopter123 > need to go
[ 2010.09.01 01:51:18 ] Gigis Nooj > i bet you have a hot wife
[ 2010.09.01 01:51:18 ] rolfcopter123 > gn
[ 2010.09.01 01:51:21 ] Gigis Nooj > gn
[ 2010.09.01 01:51:30 ] rolfcopter123 > yea im gonna fuck her all nigh

Lovely!  While I didn’t get the kill at least the conversation was engaging.

Till next time

o/ Gigis