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Market Day

Posted in Out Of Game, War on August 30, 2010 by Gigis

Today I didn’t play too much.  I caught up on Rubicon and Mad Men and updated market orders on my alt to replace ships that I lost over the past few days and bought fittings for some extras.  Over the past week I found that I didn’t have enough stock fittings to refit from the Orca without buying modules at outrageous non-hub prices.  Now I have 10 Rifters and 2 Canes plus fittings for about 15 of each locked safely in the Orca.  That should make me a bit more mobile.

I also revoked my war decs.  While it was fun and I learned a lot from the experience, I am trying to be an ass.  When the WT decided that he enjoyed fighting, the whole thing kind of lost its appeal.  So in 24 hours I will no longer be at war.  After that I will move on to a different region and see what I can do to piss people off.

Till tomorrow,

o/ Gigis


That didn’t go so well…

Posted in War on August 29, 2010 by Gigis

After a weekend of camping with my wife, I finally got to get back into space.   I should have stayed in the woods..

I lost two Rifters and two Canes to a WT while only taking down a Drake of his.  The Rifter losses were a result of poor module use and not killing his drones as soon as they came out.  The first loss I attribute to not concentrating immediately on his drones to stop incoming damage.  I also didn’t have any rockets… Fail…  The second Rifter loss to him was just annoying because I forgot to allow fleet to use the ship hanger and couldn’t switch out to my Cane.

The first Cane was the result of a failure to refit for the situation.  I had a mission busting fit and it turns out that medium neuts don’t really help killing battleships outside of missions.  Also I should have used explosive ammo..  I did get him 3/4 through armor though. The second time he was in a Mega and I had switched out the neuts for HMLs and added a larger plate.  I didn’t have another gyro in the area so I put in a wasted tracking enhancer.  I got him well into structure before be blew me up but I learned a lot from that fight too.  While my damage was strong, I didn’t overheat throughout the fight.  I also used only barrage and explosive missiles throughout the fight.  While it would have taken some time to change out my guns, I think that the extra EM damage during shield melting would have more then made up for the switch.  I think that with the 3rd gyro, better overheating, and damage switching I would have been able to take the fight.  There is always tomorrow!

I also lost a third Rifter to a Merlin who took my flipped ore.  Things were looking good till his friend in the Scimitar warped in…  Lame…

So, today has been a pretty crappy day as far as losses go, but I have learned a whole lot.  One thing that I think I will need to work on is not allowing my WTs to dictate any terms.  I need to pop them when they are in their mission fits or moving between trade hubs.  Or maybe I should take the lesson from the Merlin and get someone to RR me… Any takers?

o/ Gigis

Up to this point…

Posted in Gank, General Asshattery on August 27, 2010 by Gigis

So, it has been about 2 weeks since I gave up the honorable lifestyle of a 0.0 anti-pirate.  I have been selling off my assets to have some sweet (highly mobile) liquid isk and trying my hand at all the dishonorable professions of Eve.

I started with can flipping in belts and scored a couple of mining barge and hauler kills.  Most can flipped miners simply dock up or switch systems.  I’m trying to become more of an ass but I don’t have enough patience to follow and harass them so that got pretty dull pretty fast.


Last night, shortly before I was going to log for the night I found a small corp doing a mining op.  They had two barges and a hauler sitting there with a can in between them.  It was obvious that the barges were dumping ore into the central can for the hauler to store in his hold.  Being the intrepid ninja that I am, I drop my own can next to theirs and wait for them to put more ore in.

5 minutes later I was pleased by how efficient my Rifter was at mining! 2 minutes after that one of the mining barges warped to station and came back in a Drake and locked me up. Yes! Game time!

I began orbiting the Drake at 500m and locked him up in return but he refused to fire.  Suddenly, another yellow can appeared next to the remaining mining barge and I knew I would be able to put the Drake over the edge.  I broke orbit and flipped the ore into my can and started taking shield damage.

Quickly I put a scram on the Drake and webbed and killed his drones.  I was easily able to tank his heavy missiles once the drones were gone but wasn’t able to put down enough DPS to break his tank. Hmm.. what to do…

Enter super high-sec ninja carrier orca alt!  I quickly switched ships out mid fight and melted him.

At one point his corp mate switched out his hauler for a Coercer but never engaged.  The third mining barge kept on mining and even jetted another can of ore which I promptly took.

Thanks for everything Face Palm!

o/ Gigis

The Reformed Anti-Pirate (TRAP)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 27, 2010 by Gigis

Greeting fellow pod pilots!  My name is Gigis Nooj, and I am a recovering anti-pirate.

After around 2 years of being a part of an an anti-pirate alliance (-7-) I have decided to forge my own path.  I have cast off the concept of e-honor as a rule and will not be looking out for myself no matter how many tears I may cause along the way.  Posted here will be my stories.  I hope that you all enjoy them.

o/ Gigis